Thursday, October 27, 2011

Drowning Equilibriums: BUBBLES x DE Giveaway!

Drowning Equilibriums: BUBBLES x DE Giveaway!: Here's a quick giveaway for my favorite readers in the whole wide world. Naks. Hehe. You all know how much I LOVE Bubbles Accessories , so ...

Drowning Equilibriums: BUBBLES x DE Giveaway!

Drowning Equilibriums: BUBBLES x DE Giveaway!: Here's a quick giveaway for my favorite readers in the whole wide world. Naks. Hehe. You all know how much I LOVE Bubbles Accessories , so ...

Day in the park

I'm so thankful that this lady who's wearing white top, denim short and a boots with a lovely smile came to my life as my bestfriend. :)  8 years of true friendship with her and still counting. 

Bestfriend is someone who knows all about you and loves you anyway.

My bestfriend is someone I would do anything for.. She is one of those girls that you would die for. We may have our little fights over nothing but in the end we are the best of friends and always be. 

My dearest, I am thankful, for your friendship, for your sisterhood, for the bond that back at some point in our life was about to break, but thanks to you.. to your insistence and your patience. You have stood by my side always, in both my good and bad times. Without you by my side, maybe I would not achieved all the joy and some success in my life.  I thank you for being there for me as my bestfriend. 
It is very rare to find a bestfriend like you in these days and I definitely consider myself very lucky to have you. :) 

How we became best of friends?

We know each other since we are in grade school. When we entered the highschool life, we became classmates and we have one circle of friends but we don't talk much.  One day after class I saw her at the playground of our school campus playin' with our other friends and I went to them. We played, we laughed ---in the middle of that.. . . . she cried, because of me. HAHAHA! K, I know I'm such a bratt but heeeyy there's a behind reason of her crying..  `enuf! Lets go back to what `em talking about.. She is crying and no one can stop her from that. While she's crying, I'm just looking at her and during that time I feel sooo nervous and scared that I might sent to the principal office because of that.. HAHAHA! So, what I did is.. I talked to her. 

After that.. . . . the next day we ate our lunch together, we spent  most of the time together, exchange stories, jokes, secrets, laughs, helping each other until we became close and we became bestfriends.

Care is the main ingredient that keeps TRUE FRIENDSHIP alive despite separation, distance and time. Bestfriends are like coals on fire, together they glow apart, the die out! Hope the glow that we have won't ever die out. YOU and I, WE are BESTFRIENDS FOR LIFE! :) ♥

Bea Arellano, there's no greater gift than friendship..    Thank you!  xo ♥

Monday, October 24, 2011

About meeeeee

| Fashion Junkie | Beach Bum | Mall Hopper | Photography | Music Freak | Chocolate Devotee | Arts | Laid Back Chic | Movie Buff | Travel Bug| Summer Lover |

Hi there..

Hi, I'm Mai. ☺ 
She aspires to be in the fashion and business industry in the near future. She does things beyond her capabilities.

Mai Teodoro
little girl, running free in the world

Wanna know more?

  • I'm not good at remembering faces unless I've been with you a couple times. Forgive meee but `em trying, okay? :p HAHAHA!
  • I'm deeply inlove with a yogurt/froyo and gelato. Opps! Cake, pasta, pizza too.
  • I love collecting panda stuffs.
  • I don't text a lot [well, conditions apply] Every one knows I am too lazy.. HAHA! I reply sometimes when I'm not tamad, if it's needed, if im meeting you or if I haven;'t seen you quite a while. I don't know but I'd rather chat or talk to people rather that texting&callin'
  • Yellow & Pink are my colors. ;D 
  • I hate numbers! Mathematics, Algebra, Finance, Accounting. Ugh! It sucks!!
  • I hate dark, ghost..  I just hate paranormal! :/
  • I'm not rude. I'm just honest enough to tell you I don't like you. So don't ask me to be nicer, I'm sorry but I don't tolerate hypocrisy. 

In the process of soul-searching and determining how to combine my passion and energy in the "real world." I know it will be something revolving around my two favorite F-words:  Fashion & Food.
  So, Thanks for wanting to follow and read all the nonsense, craziness and random thoughts I like to share here ;) ♥♥♥ xo

Monday, October 17, 2011

@ Bialetti

 Just had dinner with the girls. I'm so thankful for good girlfriends.  ☺

Carbonara for my dinner. 
Superb! After a slices of pizza. :p HAHAHAHA!
Mocha Java x Creamy Caramel
@ Bialetti

Hi Meryll! Advance Happy Birthday! ☺ 


PPerfect way to start our sembreak! With my dearest girlfriends + all our party peeps yoo!! 

Julio, Me, and Rhox

 Me, Moe, Willi, and Shane

Dearest girlfriends.. 

Cabooze : 

Blk9 Lot7 Aguirre Avenue Phase 3, BF Homes Paranaque Metro Manila Philippines

Monday, October 10, 2011


I'm so thankful that you ladies came into my life. ;D  
The best of friends,
Can change a frown,
Into a smile,
when you feel down.
The best of friends,
Will understand,
Your little trials,
And lend a hand.
The best of friends,
Will always share,
Your secret dreams,
Because they care.
The best of friends,
Worth more than gold,
Give all the love,
A heart can hold.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Late Night..

I want a late night adventure.
I want someone to call me up and say, “I’m outside. Let’s go do something!” 
I want to go out late at night in my pj’s and my hair all tied up. 
Maybe drive around.
Go to a park and just swing on the swings. 
Maybe sit in the grass and watch the stars or maybe go to a 24 hour food place and pig out. 
I just want a late night adventure with people I like to be around. 
No drama. Nothing but good vibes and good company.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

No other woman

Most important lesson I've learned  in No Other Woman:
You gotta know when to stop. You gotta know when enough is enough.

Some of my favorite lines in the movie:
“No pressure! And kiss me and don’t you dare fall in love with me.
- Kara Zalderiaga”

“We’re just two consenting adults having fun, there’s no emotional attachment.
- Kara Zalderiaga”

- Kara Zalderiaga”

“Paano mo naman malalaman na masarap pala pag di mo titikman?
Kahit alam mong bawal, labanan mo cos’ eventually your body will just get used to it.
- Kara Zalderiaga”

“Mababaliw siguro ako kung malaman kong may babae siya.  Baka mapatay ko yung kabit, silang dalawa actually.
- Charmaine Escaler”

Tsaka ano bang mahirap kalaban? Yung putang mahirap o yung putang mayaman?
Pareparehong puta lang yun! Ang mayaman bumibili ng hermes sa mall, ang mahirap bumibili ng hermes sa greenhills.

“Kara: Anything I can do to help you?
Charmaine: Naku huwag na, mamaya makita mo na nilalagyan ko ang pagkain mo ng lason.”