Thursday, October 27, 2011

Day in the park

I'm so thankful that this lady who's wearing white top, denim short and a boots with a lovely smile came to my life as my bestfriend. :)  8 years of true friendship with her and still counting. 

Bestfriend is someone who knows all about you and loves you anyway.

My bestfriend is someone I would do anything for.. She is one of those girls that you would die for. We may have our little fights over nothing but in the end we are the best of friends and always be. 

My dearest, I am thankful, for your friendship, for your sisterhood, for the bond that back at some point in our life was about to break, but thanks to you.. to your insistence and your patience. You have stood by my side always, in both my good and bad times. Without you by my side, maybe I would not achieved all the joy and some success in my life.  I thank you for being there for me as my bestfriend. 
It is very rare to find a bestfriend like you in these days and I definitely consider myself very lucky to have you. :) 

How we became best of friends?

We know each other since we are in grade school. When we entered the highschool life, we became classmates and we have one circle of friends but we don't talk much.  One day after class I saw her at the playground of our school campus playin' with our other friends and I went to them. We played, we laughed ---in the middle of that.. . . . she cried, because of me. HAHAHA! K, I know I'm such a bratt but heeeyy there's a behind reason of her crying..  `enuf! Lets go back to what `em talking about.. She is crying and no one can stop her from that. While she's crying, I'm just looking at her and during that time I feel sooo nervous and scared that I might sent to the principal office because of that.. HAHAHA! So, what I did is.. I talked to her. 

After that.. . . . the next day we ate our lunch together, we spent  most of the time together, exchange stories, jokes, secrets, laughs, helping each other until we became close and we became bestfriends.

Care is the main ingredient that keeps TRUE FRIENDSHIP alive despite separation, distance and time. Bestfriends are like coals on fire, together they glow apart, the die out! Hope the glow that we have won't ever die out. YOU and I, WE are BESTFRIENDS FOR LIFE! :) ♥

Bea Arellano, there's no greater gift than friendship..    Thank you!  xo ♥

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