Monday, October 24, 2011

About meeeeee

| Fashion Junkie | Beach Bum | Mall Hopper | Photography | Music Freak | Chocolate Devotee | Arts | Laid Back Chic | Movie Buff | Travel Bug| Summer Lover |

Hi there..

Hi, I'm Mai. ☺ 
She aspires to be in the fashion and business industry in the near future. She does things beyond her capabilities.

Mai Teodoro
little girl, running free in the world

Wanna know more?

  • I'm not good at remembering faces unless I've been with you a couple times. Forgive meee but `em trying, okay? :p HAHAHA!
  • I'm deeply inlove with a yogurt/froyo and gelato. Opps! Cake, pasta, pizza too.
  • I love collecting panda stuffs.
  • I don't text a lot [well, conditions apply] Every one knows I am too lazy.. HAHA! I reply sometimes when I'm not tamad, if it's needed, if im meeting you or if I haven;'t seen you quite a while. I don't know but I'd rather chat or talk to people rather that texting&callin'
  • Yellow & Pink are my colors. ;D 
  • I hate numbers! Mathematics, Algebra, Finance, Accounting. Ugh! It sucks!!
  • I hate dark, ghost..  I just hate paranormal! :/
  • I'm not rude. I'm just honest enough to tell you I don't like you. So don't ask me to be nicer, I'm sorry but I don't tolerate hypocrisy. 

In the process of soul-searching and determining how to combine my passion and energy in the "real world." I know it will be something revolving around my two favorite F-words:  Fashion & Food.
  So, Thanks for wanting to follow and read all the nonsense, craziness and random thoughts I like to share here ;) ♥♥♥ xo

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