Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Full Bangs is IN

Bangs or "fringe" as they are known as in some parts of the world, are hair that covers the forehead in many different hairstyles. Bangs rise and fall in popularity depending on current trends, but a full bang can still look timeless and classic for many women. This is because they create dimension in the style and bring attention to the face. The best types of faces for bang hairstyles are those with long, oval faces or larger foreheads . Bangs also look best on women with straight or only slightly wavy hair.


  • 1
    Start at the top of where you want your bangs to be. For a 1960s-inspired bang, you will want to start further back for a long, shaggy look. For a more modern bang, you might start a little closer to the forehead.

  • 2
    Use a comb to separate the sides of your bangs from the rest of your hair, following the hairline down to your temples. Because the bang is full, you want the cut to be symmetrical and centered, not parted to the side. Pull back your hair with a ponytail to protect it from being cut.

  • 3
    Comb the loose hair forward over the face. Check for symmetry and shape, pulling hair out from the ponytail or pinning it back as needed. Fold the hair under to get an idea of how the bangs will look when they are cut. This will help you determine the length you want your bangs to be.

  • 4
    Cut straight across the hair using the eyebrows as a guide. Comb the hair down as you cut. This will be simpler to cut evenly if the hair is wet, so you may choose to spray down the hair before cutting. However, hair will appear shorter once it dries, so keep this in mind when determining where to make your cuts.

  • 5
    Texturize the hair by using sharp scissors to cut up the ends of the hair approximately ½ inch across the forehead. If you have razor scissors, you can use this to vary the lengths of the bangs so they sit more naturally as well.